Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Aids Walk By Ryan T. Ngala

( New York, New York ETC NEWS May 17, 2009)

When the time was 10:00am, many people had arrived to come to an event at the aids walk
where they have music, and free refreshments there. When Me & Our group was there we saw alot of people even if they were waiting in line for the bathroom or were just having a good time with themselves.

The walk was 6 miles in central park and me and our group wasn't sure we was going to do that walk for 6 miles so we try. It was a special event that touch so many people lives and some who have lost their love ones as they came to support them.

It was such a very exciting moment to have them doing. "How are you excited about coming to this event at the aids walk?" Ryan Ngala asked. " Very inspiring event and day. So many people walking and showing support for the aids walk" said Rich Walker For L'OREAL.

They have this event all over the world. They still see that the disease had spread so many people that they couldn't beleive it still exists, but we all know that. During The event at the aids walk many people had put their signs up in the air many of them were still walking the people were cheering and applausing for their effort for walking such a long line that it feel like everybody was happy.

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