Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Classes That Students Learn At The Employment and Technology Center By Ryan Ngala

Photo By: Ryan Ngala

One hundred and eighty students have their own great talents in so many ways. Whether it comes to be cooking food, creating a design, making beats, acting in a play, or directing in a film. The staff members from E.T.C (The Employment and Technology Center) are always on a roll to help and teach their students in need. As they follow their own dreams of what they want to be in life and for the future. What decisions are they going to make? As they move on to college.

Every summer at E.T.C (The Employment and Technology Center) the students arrive and start their class sessions at 10:00am to start on a topic theme for “Peace and Health” and end at 4:00pm to go to their regular class. A security guard should always make sure that no students should be roaming around the halls. They have to clear the area of which students are blocking in. The five classes that students go to them focus on basics things about health. At the culinary arts class the students will be learning and knowing about how to cook a lot of variety things and to speak about the cardiovascular health. At the graphic design class students will be creating their own piece of artwork on the computer and they will also be talking about environmental health. At the music production class the students will be learning different types of instruments while they are making beats such as playing the piano and more as they learned about mental health. At the film production class the students are writing a script, directing a film and many more as they will learned about physical fitness. And also at the theater class the students are acting in a play and doing whatever activities the E.T.C Theater Staff tells them to do as they learned about HIV/aids.

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