Monday, December 21, 2009

THE E.T.C.’s YOUTH PORTFOLIO REVIEW: Day 2 Of December 17, 2009 By Ryan T. Ngala

(WSTN-TV HARLEM) At E.T.C.’s variety of classes they have shown their artwork to many parents that were coming not just from upstairs but also from downstairs as E.T.C.’s staff members had represented their class and had shown their presentations.

It had started at 5pm as E.T.C’s students had gotten themselves from their classrooms. It was day 2 of their youth portfolio review and it was the last day that the parents had to see it for themselves as they move on.
The E.T.C.’s Graphic Design Crew had a creative piece artwork that was done by students who were in it.

The E.T.C.’s Film Production crew had shown their video piece and had students from their class acting it out. By the time that the movie was finished, The E.T.C’s Experimental Video crew welcomed parents in as they showed different show screenings based on what students had edited and created.

It turned out to be a true masterpiece and there were also interviews for students from the experimental video that had asked E.T.C. students some questions in their own words.

The E.T.C’s Culinary Arts crew had prepared some good food just for the parents and anyone else who would like to eat.
It was served by culinary arts students who were at the tutor room in the basement.

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