Thursday, August 12, 2010

The 16th Annual HCZ Peace March

Photo By Marty Lipp

Harlem, New York [Wednesday August 11, 2010]
By Ryan Ngala
The Season has change this year in 2010, as the hcz peace march has just getting started.
The HCZ Peace March will start and end on 137th Street and Frederick Douglass Boulevard all the way to 143rd Street and Lenox Avenue Where the Harlem Armory Is. There are over one thousand students and staff members in each different programs such as the Employment & Technology Center (ETC), Countee Cullen Community Center (CCCC), Truce, and Truce Fitness, Harlem Children’s Zone Community Center, Learn to Earn (LTE), & many more, they had shouted a chant such as “Running for school, Not for jail” and many more, they had so much fun.
When each program group had went inside at the Harlem armory they had sit in their own regular spots to see their own trademarks on the back of their t-shirts. Then they had a questionnaire sheet that they had to answer to. After that it was on for the show as many students perform on stage, then awards were given out to students, then they had a Harlem Children’s Zone Candle Light Memorial in remembrance to the love ones they’ve lost, and when it was all over the HCZ staff members had clean up and had sent every students at the Harlem armory back home.

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