Monday, May 18, 2015

The Elaine Marie Cruz Interview: In Her Own Words

The Elaine Marie Cruz Interview:
In Her Own Words About The Italian Fashion Talent Show At The Skyroom Penthouse

By Ryan Ngala

She's a force to be reckoned with, not because of her high hopes and accomplished goals that she will be setting for herself in the near future, but that she believe in herself in anyway possible, a Queens, New York native who she's also a dancer, singer, actress, smart, good looking and wears a good looking outfit, that scores the entire audience as she walk down the runway during the anticipation of the Italian Fashion Show At The Skyroom Penthouse. 

She describes the moment living her life before she was even becoming to be a fashion model as she tells STN E.T.C NEWS's Ryan Ngala her reaction to become one of the six models to be even taken herself a risk but she has no fear when it comes to her being independent and doing her own thing but she's so photogenic. 

1. What Your's Name And Age? 
Elaine Marie Cruz, 27 Years Old

2. What do you love about this event, Is it amazing as you would even imagined It To Become? 
EMC: The Crowd, Reaching out to the customers at the Skyroom Penthouse and the interviews after I walked the runway. I have such amazing fans too. It's always fun modeling. 

3. How has the fashion talent show developed In your career by modeling, the creator 
Ms. Pamela Quinzi that design your own clothes creativity? 
EMC: It's given me more exposure. I have been modeling since at the age of 5. I have been on the red carpet for VH1, etc.  

4. What type of store brand do you want to see yourself being displayed in? (For Example: H&M, Old Navy or Gucci) 
EMC: Gucci, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, BeBe, etc. 

5. What do you love most about fashion? 
EMC: It's a form of art where I can express myself and be a good role model. 

6. Any Comments You Would Like To Add. 
EMC: You can always follow me on Facebook, Google+, Instagram And Twitter 
She will be doing more events like these and so on, her career has been so straight forward 
But knowing her own style and critique and what clothes she wears, I know she's going to killed it, And knowing that her fans will support her too, she has been modeling even though that's her talented skill in wanting to do something big in the fashion world, but if she want it she has to go 
for it and take it cause there's no limit to what she can do in the long run if she only believe in herself. 

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